The long-running adult animated series South Park has always pushed boundaries with its irreverent humor. Now, AI technology is bringing fans into the show innovatively. A new AI tool can generate short custom South Park episodes starring you as an animated character.


The AI tool was created by startup Fable Simulation and their “AI Showrunner” technology. It allows users to enter a brief prompt and the AI will generate a unique South Park story featuring a personalized character with your appearance and voice.


The AI handles everything from script writing, animating in South Park’s simple style, acting voice, and editing. The results are amateur but capture the show’s tone and characters surprisingly well in just a minute or two of footage.


This approach hints at the potential to automate and customize animated shows using AI. It raises interesting questions about creative integrity, copyright, and workplace impacts if the tech improves.


While not authorized by South Park, Fable’s AI experiment shows how rapidly advancing generative AI could reshape entertainment production. The ability to insert yourself into South Park’s irreverent world highlights this technology’s promise and perils. AI still requires human guidance, but it’s getting creative on its own in impressive ways. Let’s watch the outcome of the AI generated south part in here



For your info, entertainment content generated with the assistance of technologies isn’t something fresh in the industry, before ChatGPT, Netflix started to use big data to assist in writing the scripts 10 years ago and it’s proven that the method is a success. With one of the award-winning series  “House of Cards”, Netflix is more confident that they should heavily invest in the technologies rather than the actors.


Similar to the music industry, way before the born of ChatGPT, industry players started to introduce music that is composed with the assistance of big data. The technology is managed to predict the next music trend and it has been used in most of the commercial music production by most of the famous artists such as Taylor Swift or Kanye West.


These are the few jobs will be replaced as predicted,

  1. Music composition: AI algorithms are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their ability to analyze existing music and create new compositions in similar styles. While human composers are still valued for their creative input and ability to convey emotion through music, there may be a shift towards greater use of AI-generated music in certain contexts, such as commercial jingles or background music for videos.
  2. Scriptwriting: AI programs are being developed that can analyze existing scripts and generate new ones based on certain parameters or criteria. While this technology is still in its early stages, it could potentially be used to automate certain aspects of scriptwriting, such as generating dialogue or creating plot outlines.
  3. Editing and post-production: AI algorithms can be used to automate certain aspects of video editing, such as color correction or sound mixing. While humans are still needed to make creative decisions and ensure that the final product meets the director’s vision, there may be a shift towards greater use of AI-assisted editing in the future.