WeChat Development Services

Why Wechat?

WeChat (微信 in Chinese for “micro-message”) was launched by Tencent as a messaging APP. Back in the day, WeChat was solely a communication and social app for its users. Today, WeChat disrupted the entire mobile app industry by bringing convenience to its users all in one app. Its extended, rich features cover everything from e-commerce to mobile wallets to gaming and more. Because so much can be done via this one app, users tend to be active on the site at frequent intervals. WeChat users visit the app an average of 10 times each day, at 50-minute intervals, spending over an hour on the app daily. That’s the same amount of interaction that Western web users spend across Instagram, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger combined.




微信用户平均每天登录10次,间隔50分钟,每天在微信逗留超过一小时。这与西方互联网用户在Instagram、Facebook和Facebook Messenger上的总体使用量相同。

Our Services

Open WeChat Subscription Account

Mainly for the purpose of conveying one way information to users, one broadcast message per day. It is best for businesses who only want to push more frequent content; it is only option for individual accounts too.
其主要功能为向用户传达单向信息,每天广播一个消息。 最适合只想更频繁推送内容的企业; 也是个人账号(individuals account)的唯一选项

Open WeChat Service Account

For businesses to interact with their customers only 4 messages are allowed to be sent in bulk every month. This is best for businesses or organisations that want access to advanced WeChat Public Platform features. (Recommend for SME).
主要是让企业与其客户进行互动,每月允许批量发送4条信息。 最适合有意使用高端的微信公共平台功能的企业或组织。 (适合中小企业)

Develop WeChat Mini Program

WeChat mini-programs are “sub-applications” within the WeChat ecosystem. They enable us to provide advanced features to users, such as e-commerce, task management, coupons, etc.