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WeChat Subscription Accounts offer a far more basic method of communication and most people use them in marketing area to deliver news and information to users or subscribers. You can use this type of account if your goals are to create engagement with more customers and increase your product visibility in the competitive business market.

The subscription account is ideal for business people who want to push more frequent content as it allows users to broadcast one message per day. The notification will appear in the subscription message folder, and the updated information will be seen by followers in the subscription area. Besides, the subscription account has fewer of advanced features and functionality compared to the service account.

The way messages displayed is not convenient as they are not being pushed to the user’s list and it makes your subscription account less visible. That means, in order to retrieve the delivered messages, the follower has to go into the chat folder that contains all the subscription accounts.

微信订阅号为用户提供了一种更为实用的通信方式,许多人在营销领域使用订阅号来向用户或订阅者推送新闻和信息。 如果您的目标是与更多客户建立互动并在竞争无比激烈的商业市场中提高产品知名度,则可使用此类订阅号。


订阅号适合想要更频繁地向用户推送内容的业者,因为订阅号允许用户每天广传一条消息。 订阅通知将显示在订阅消息文件夹中,用户即可在其订阅栏中看到更新的信息。与微信服务号相比,订阅号具有较少的高级特性和功能。


此外,消息的显示方式也较不便利,因为它们并没有被推送到用户的列表,使得您的订阅号并不显眼。 这也意味着,为了检索已传送的消息,用户必须先点击进入包含所有订阅号的文件夹内,方可看见。

Study Cases

China Airlines 中华航空

WeChat enables Taiwan’s leading airline to connect with customers throughout the world. Customers can check-in, select seating, and obtain electronic boarding passes, as well as check flight status and schedules.
Source: China Airlines

微信使得台湾首屈一指的航空公司能够与世界各地的客户建立联系。 客户可以透过微信办理登机手续、选择座位、获取电子登机牌,以及查看航班状态和时刻表。

The New York Times 纽约时报

The New York Times has set the standard for quality journalism since 1851. Now the gray lady is on WeChat. Followers of The Times’s Official Account will receive a daily push message filled with relevant news articles. All functionality is offered in both English and Chinese.
Source: The New York Times

自1851年以来,“纽约时报”为优质新闻业树立了标准。现在这个业界老招牌也正在使用微信。 《纽约时报》的官方账号粉丝将每日收到一个推送消息,内容包含相关新闻文章。 所有功能均以中、英文双语提供。
来源: 纽约时报

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