There are tons of debate of diminishing over time or reduce the working hour. Some even shows that working less hour can increase our efficiency. This only applicable if the person has a strong self-discipline the fact that most people spend their working hour in other non related stuffs like browsing social media, watching videos etc. Throughout a day, most of the time being spent for non working related stuffs and at the end of the day request for extra working hour or blame that the work is too much doesn’t really fix the problem.

Those who really wish to increase its working efficiency i recommend this software –

Although the software it’s a little bit creepy in the way that tracking and monitoring all our activities in our personal computer but it’s also a good tool for you to understand where has your time gone. You can try it for a week (it’s free) and uninstall it once you have the week for report. It has mobile phone version as well.

The report give you an overview how you spend your time in a day with your personal computer. Before blaming any external factors that causing you don’t have time for your work, please do self examine where is the problem.

Often, we tend to stick with old “bad” habit when we try to response with something and we didn’t aware on it. You won’t realise that you have open your social media or messaging application for x amount of times within a day even it’s cannot triggering you to switch it on. But it’s a “bad” habit we didn’t realise.

In conclusion, working less hour not truly contribute to efficiency, it’s the level of distraction that will effect your working performance. A simple task can be complete within an hour, but you will need more than that just because you spent another 30 minutes for other stuffs.

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