Compared with the text and images, a live video has fulfilled the audience’s demand which it cannot be compete with. A survey has been conducted and found that 80% of respondents would rather watch live video than read a blog and 82% prefer live video is a best choice to post in media social. In e-commerce business, the perfect opportunity to implement the power of live video streaming is when you intend to launch your new products.

Before live video becomes a hottest trend on these days, the live shopping tv show such as Astro Go Shop Malaysia has provide viewer to shop while you are watching tv. The concept is same which the product will be demonstrate by host particularly. The more interesting part, you can directly purchase the product and get until 30% discount!

However, live video is on the rise and have taken over the market surprisingly. The most popular marketing platform used for live video ecommerce is Facebook Live. Facebook live will probably help you to earn the most views for your content. The live video better in face-to-face camera, live-action-shots and staged studio broadcasts. Meanwhile, if you want to have a short and spontaneous video, you can broadcast the live and reach your audience using Twitter.  Another one famous platform that can be use is Instagram live. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, the urgency of content can be increased well yet it may reduce your audience views as the live video will disappear after viewing.

Let’s face the facts, according to the benchmark report from Brandlive and IBM, 64% of companies are using live video to create their audience engagements. In 2018, nearly 72% of companies with over $100M in profit have moved beyond social media with live video. It only takes a small minority of companies who are not using live video. Hence, it’s not too late for you to start with the live streaming platform. It’s so easy to getting started.

Future of live video in E-Commerce industry

Live video is definitely becoming an essential marketing strategy that can help brands grow tremendously. We can see brands are going live regularly as they bring in experts and influencers, not only to promote their products, but also to create an interaction with viewers through answering questions and sharing knowledge. This strategy would really help marketer to build a community around a brand and trust worthy between a company and their customers.