Meta recently introduced the “Inbox” feature within their Meta Business Suite, designed to streamline message and comment management across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp into a single dashboard. With this tool, businesses can read and reply to messages from these platforms and respond to comments on Facebook and Instagram, all in one place. Additionally, Meta Business Suite allows for one-way automated responses, enhancing efficiency in handling customer inquiries.

However, while Meta Business Suite Inbox offers a comprehensive solution for managing social media interactions, alternative tools like WaaPY provide unique features and advantages tailored to specific business needs. WaaPY is an application designed for WhatsApp Business that offers effective communication solutions for business owners. With its shared inbox, chatbot, and blasting features, WaaPY enables businesses to effectively communicate with their customers using their existing WhatsApp number.

whatsapp business app waapy's features

WaaPY’s Core Features


This article will explore the key differences between Meta Business Suite Inbox and WaaPY, helping you determine which solution best fits your business requirements.

Difference Between Meta Business Suite Inbox, WhatsApp Business App, and WaaPY

The WhatsApp Business app is specifically designed for small business owners with teams of up to 4 people. It focuses solely on WhatsApp business messaging and offers some automated message features. On the other hand, the Meta Business Suite inbox allows users to manage messages and comments in a single dashboard. In comparison, WaaPY provides additional features like WhatsApp blasting, chatbot responses, third-party integration, and more for your existing WhatsApp business number.


WhatsApp Business Meta Business Suite WaaPY Business App
Green Tick No No Yes (with WhatsApp Cloud API)
Multiple User Access No Yes Yes
Broadcasting No No Unlimited
API Integration No No Yes
3rd Party System Integration No No Yes
Mobile App Access Yes Yes Yes
Chatbot Integration (AI and chat flow response) No One-way automate response ChatGPT AI response and chat flow integration
Multiple WhatsApp Number in one Dashboard No No Unlimited
Setup with Existing WhatsApp Number No No Yes
User Privacy No No Yes

Pros of Meta Business Suite Inbox

  1. It’s Free: One of the most significant advantages of Meta Business Suite Inbox is that it is completely free to use. This makes it an accessible option for small and medium-sized businesses looking to manage their social media interactions without incurring additional costs.
  2. One-Way Automated Messages: The ability to set up one-way automated messages is a valuable feature for businesses. This allows for quick, automated responses to common customer inquiries, ensuring timely communication and freeing up resources to focus on more complex issues.
  3. Multiple Channels in One Dashboard: Meta Business Suite Inbox consolidates messages and comments from Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp into a single dashboard. This centralization simplifies the management of social media interactions, making it easier for businesses to stay organized and responsive across multiple platforms.

Cons of Meta Business Suite Inbox

  1. Inability to Use Existing Number: One major drawback is that businesses cannot use their existing WhatsApp number with Meta Business Suite Inbox. To integrate your existing number, you would need to delete your current WhatsApp account and set up a new one within Meta Business Suite. This process results in the loss of all your previous chat records, which can be a significant inconvenience for businesses relying on historical communication data.
  2. Locked Number Limitation: Once your number is registered with Meta Business Suite, it becomes locked to this account. This restriction prevents you from registering the number with the WhatsApp Cloud API, effectively blocking any third-party system integrations that might enhance functionality or streamline operations.
  3. Lack of Privacy: Meta Business Suite Inbox does not offer privacy controls, meaning that everyone with access to the dashboard can see all incoming messages. This can be problematic for businesses that handle sensitive information and need to maintain confidentiality across different team members.
  4. No Chatbot Functionality: Unlike some other messaging solutions, Meta Business Suite Inbox does not support chatbot integration. This limitation can hinder businesses looking to automate more complex interactions beyond simple one-way automated responses.
  5. Time-Consuming Setup: Setting up Meta Business Suite can be time-consuming, especially for businesses new to the platform. The initial setup and configuration process may require significant time and effort, which can be a drawback for businesses seeking a quick and easy solution.
  6. No Broadcasting Capabilities: Meta Business Suite Inbox lacks the ability to send broadcast messages to a large group of contacts simultaneously. This limitation is significant for businesses that rely on broadcasting for marketing campaigns, announcements, or updates.

Despite its accessibility and integration of multiple communication channels, Meta Business Suite Inbox has several limitations that businesses need to consider. These cons highlight the importance of evaluating your specific needs and exploring other solutions that might offer more comprehensive features and flexibility.

Level Up Your WhatsApp Business Communication with WaaPY

While Meta Business Suite Inbox offers a range of basic features to manage multi-platform communications, it has several limitations. Waapy, on the other hand, addresses these shortcomings and provides a more robust solution for WhatsApp business communication.


  1. One Dashboard with Multiple WhatsApp Numbers and Users: Waapy allows businesses to manage multiple WhatsApp numbers from a single dashboard, enabling seamless communication across various lines. It also supports multiple users, ensuring that different team members can handle communications efficiently without privacy concerns.
  2. Easy WhatsApp Blasting: Waapy simplifies the process of sending broadcast messages. This feature is crucial for businesses that need to reach a large audience quickly, whether for marketing campaigns, announcements, or updates.
  3. Automate Conversations with AI Chatbot and Chat Flow: Waapy includes advanced AI chatbot functionality and chat flow automation. This allows businesses to automate complex interactions, providing quick and intelligent responses to customer inquiries and streamlining the customer service process.
  4. 3rd Party System Integration: Waapy supports integration with third-party systems, enhancing its functionality for eCommerce, appointment reminders, authentication, and customer engagement. This flexibility allows businesses to create a more cohesive and efficient workflow tailored to their specific needs.

WaaPY not only covers the shortcomings of Meta Business Suite Inbox but also offers advanced features that elevate your WhatsApp business communication to the next level. By choosing WaaPY, businesses can ensure more efficient, secure, and effective interactions with their customers.


Interested to know how WaaPY can resolve your WhatsApp business communication problems? Please contact WaaPY’s business messenging consultant.