In the fast-paced world of business chat, WhatsApp Flows are like magic tricks that help companies talk to customers in a super cool way. They’re part of the WhatsApp Business Platform and let businesses create special chat workflows. This means they can make personalized chats with customers using smart chatbots.

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What Are Flows?

Flows are like secret weapons for chatting in business. They let companies create custom workflows for different tasks, making chats better and more fun for customers. Whether it’s getting new leads, booking appointments, signing up, or helping with questions, Flows make it all super easy for businesses.

Leveraging Flows:

Think of Flows like cool forms for chatting. They use screens, layouts, and components to guide customers through a step-by-step chat. They can show info using text, pictures, and links, and even get answers from customers using text boxes, checkboxes, and more. Flows are like a superpower for businesses to have awesome chats with customers.

Get Started:

Starting with WhatsApp Flows is simple. If a business is already using WhatsApp API, they just jump into making their first Flow. But first, they need to set up the WhatsApp Business Platform by checking and verifying their account details.


WhatsApp Flows are like a big upgrade for business chats on WhatsApp. They help companies make things smoother, talk better with customers, and achieve awesome results. By using WhatsApp Flows, businesses can make chatting easy and fun, creating a cool way to make customers happy and successful.